EventProWP is inspired by some of the top real world online event marketplaces

Sustain & Grow Marketplace with Event Groups

  • Event organizers can create communities with similar interests
  • Members receive notification regarding upcoming events
  • Promote event groups on any page with Elementor or WP Bakery
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Supercharge ticket sales with built-in ticketing tools

  • Users create tickets from dashboard—no third-party, no extra fees.
  • Set the total limit on the number of tickets and set a price tag
  • Scan QR or enter the order# to verify ticket to check-in attendees
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Split revenue from ticket sales with event organizers

  • Set a commission rate and earn your share on every ticket sold
  • Allow sellers to track their earnings from the digital wallet
  • Recieve 100% of earning & process revenue split upon request
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Event Calendar

Display Full Calendar view or list view with Map for visitors to filter and sign up for an upcoming event.

Event Submission Form

Users can submit events and sell tickets without access to your WordPress dashboard.

Host Online Events

Manage registration and ticket sales for your free or paid online events.

Event Countdown

Add a start & end date/time to events that generates a countdown resulting in a higher conversion.

Events Search, Filter & Sort

Allow users to find & narrow results for events by name, category, location, type, date, distance, etc.

Broadcast Messages

Event organizers can send a message to update all attendees from their users dashboard

Attendee-only Content

Show restricted info like online event links (ex. zoom) only to the attendees of the event.

Events Email Confirmation

Send attendees an automatic ticket purchased confirmation with instructions.

Export Attendees List

List of all the attendees can be downloaded in a CSV format to print it for attendee registration.

Downloadable Tickets (QR)

Guests can download automatically generated event ticket with all the details including a QR code.

Ticket Insights

Access all invoices and track the sales, available balance, commissions, and withdrawals.

Ticket Verification

Verify to check-in the attendees by scanning QR code or enter the order number on the ticket.

Display Attendees

Increase engagement and conversion by publicly showing all the attendees for the event.

Direct Events

Events can be added directly without associating to an event group, organization or a business.

Recurring Events

Event organizers can now easily host repeated events whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

Organize Events for Group

Can create event groups that are like a virtual community to connect people with similar interests.

Geo-location: Events Suggestions

Showcase and promote events based on the user’s geolocation to make it a personalized experience for each visitor.

Email confirmation & notices

Notify attendees with a ticket purchase confirmation, and if they have joined a group then they will also stay in the loop regarding all newly added and upcoming events.

Collect RSVPs

Any logged-in user can easily RSVP to any event with a single click. The user will be added to the event’s attendees list for the event organizer to further communicate.

Ticket Sales

Organizers can add a ticket purchase option from their user dashboard when adding a new event. They can set the total limit on the number of tickets and price tag.

Built-in eCommerce

Enable ticket sales with our built-in eCommerce system designed for online marketplaces without any complex setup process.

Earn Commission

Set a commission rate (fixed or percentage) and earn commission on each ticket sold (online or live) event.

Digital Wallet

Sellers can track earnings and request to withdraw funds anytime. The request is processed by the admin.

Bulk tickets purchase

Guests can purchase tickets for themselves and for their friends and then fill out all their names and email for registration.

Link to external tickets

If you are managing tickets via a third-party platforms like Eventbrite you can link to external tickets.

Ticket stock countdown

Increase conversions by showing the limited number of slots available for the event.



Annual License


  • Save 50% Off Renewal
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • 12 Months Technical Support
  • Easy Setup Assistant
  • 1-Click Demo Import
Life-Time License


  • One-Time Pay
  • Life-Time Free Updates
  • Life-Time Technical Support
  • Easy Setup Assistant
  • 1-Click Demo Import


The annual license gives you Free Updates and technical support for 1-Year. Then you can continue to use the add-on but cannot download new updates and also technical support will discontinue. To renew you only pay 50% of the regular price. Whereas with the Life-Time license you get Life-Time updates and technical support with a one-time purchase.

Yes, you can set a commission rate (fixed or percentage) to share the revenue with the seller.

Yes, users can create daily, weekly, monthly or annually recurring events.

The admin receives all payments and can send it to the service provider at the end of the month or when ever the provider sends a withdrawal request from their digital wallet.

Yes, you can use Elementor. It includes several new elements for events.

Once the ticket is sold using the built-in eCommerce system, the sellers can track their earnings from the digital wallet within their dashboard. Sellers can set their payout option and request to withdraw full or partial amount funds anytime. The admin can then process the payment and update the status to notify the seller.

EventPro makes it super simple to create a page with a Ticket Verification form where the event organizers can verify and check-in the attendee by entering the order number on the ticket. No app download is required for the attendee or the organizers.

Currently, there is no native Andriod or iOS mobile app available for EventProWP.

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